Nurture the entrepreneur in you first, and then the entrepreneur in your child(ren)!

Image As a mompreneur or an entrepreneur and founder of, I noticed that a lot of business owners are NOT teaching their children how to follow in their foot steps. As a home business owner, I begun this process of being my own boss for the sake of my family. Like most parents, wanting the best for our children like college is a wonderful concept, but what happens if that isn’t the path for my child, for example? If you are a business owner or a home business owner it is quite possible that you are one, but not because you went to college and were taught how to. In fact what you learned, if you attended was how to get a job. Is this really what you want for your child? If you say yes then something is wrong with that picture. Empowering your child by showing them it is okay to choose a path other than college is powerful. Think about this! Parents spend thousands of dollars to send their children to college without knowing what the economy will be like after their children graduate. Schools teach students how to be good employees but will they be able to get a job after four or five years of higher education?   

There is a story in the process of my journey to live my dream and to do that without having a boss to report to it was a scary thought for me for a very long time. This step changes the game completely. Most of us grew up in a household where the adults left every day to earn money for the family on someone else’s job. Maybe there was a conversation once or twice about ‘what it would be like’ to have a business of their own. With this type of talking one could get these ‘thoughts’ stuck in their head. That alone could stir something up inside of a child that if nurtured could benefit them for many years to come.   As your children see you running the show, you will notice them taking more risks of venturing out on their and using their gifts. Simply tap into what your child has been given as a gift. See how they would like to use that gift in their lives. Refuse to block them from growing in that gift. A lot of well meaning parents have the tendency to want their children to be on a ‘safe’ course in life. These well meaning parents will suggest that their child joins a company with security and benefits. As we can see for the moment lots of people are getting laid off and may even be faced with not being able to get unemployment afterwards. Do these people have a plan B? If you’re an employee, don’t let this happen to you and your children.   It is difficult to change a person’s mind set after they have been hit by life. Catch your child early and help them develop how they will invest in their future. When you are your own boss you are more likely to have your finger tips on the pulse of change. You will be able to make adjustments in your company, you have control. Don’t leave your child out in the cold by not showing them the power that lies within them.

Starting a business from home with a very low risk is ideal. If you’re willing to put the time and effort, I recommend to start a business that rewards you to learn while you practise the skills of entrepreneurship. . If this is not for you, it’s okay, just send us a message to sign up for our FREE newsletter to nurture the entrepreneur in you first, and then the entrepreneur in your children, starting today.

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